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Kids Korner

Broken Bones

Why do you have to get a picture taken of your broken bone?

All kids like to skip, jump and run, but sometimes they fall down and break a bone.  If you break a bone, it will probably hurt at first, and it may take awhile to heal.  But it will heal.

 Your bones are your body’s foundation: Without bones, your muscles would not have any place to go.  Your bones make you tall.

Why does the doctor need a picture (called an X-ray) of your bone?

The doctor wants to look inside your body to see exactly what your injured bone looks like in order to plan the best way to help it heal.  The doctor who looks at your X-ray is called a Radiologist.  This doctor is specially trained to look at pictures of the inside of your body.

Does the picture hurt?
It may feel very scary when you’re put close to a big X-ray machine, but the machine will not hurt you.  It’s just a gigantic camera, and it’s sometimes noisy.  You will not feel a thing when your picture is taken, but it’s important to stay very still for the person taking the picture.  This person is called a Technologist.  The Technologist is taught to position you so the Radiologist can understand the X-ray pictures of your bone.

What happens after the X-RAY is taken?
After your X-ray is taken, a Radiologist will look at the picture and send your doctor a report about your broken bone.  Your doctor will then take care of your bone in the best way possible so it can heal quickly.  Then you can go back to jumping and running.