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What is Teleradiology?

As defined by Merriam-Webster, teleradiology is “radiology concerned with the transmission of digitized medical images (as X-rays, CAT scans, and sonograms) over electronic networks and with the interpretation of the transmitted images for diagnostic purposes.” Basically, an image can be obtained in one location and interpreted in another, rather than requiring an on-site radiologist for every study.

Who Uses Teleradiology?

Because the needs of each hospital and imaging center are so diverse, it is difficult and expensive to staff with radiologists in every specialty.  Therefore, most hospitals, even many of the larger urban facilities, use teleradiology for some of their specialty interpretations.  These same hospitals use teleradiology almost exclusively for overnight services.

Rural hospitals have found teleradiology particularly beneficial because it allows them the same high quality, sub-specialty interpretation access as those of much larger, more populous areas.  Many of these smaller hospitals can’t justify a full-time in-house radiologist, let alone a team of fellowship trained specialists in all aspects of diagnostic imaging.

Hospitals that have on-site radiologists often find the need to augment their service offering with assistance from a teleradiology group that can “fill in” when scheduling and coverage gaps inevitably occur.  The option of providing remote mammography screenings is also available. Learn more about telemammography here.

Why Trust Diversified Radiology?

Quality – Diversified Radiology’s team of dedicated radiologists is considered among the most respected in the country.  Serving the medical community for 90 years, Diversified Radiology is resolutely committed to its cornerstone mission that has been in place since the inception of the practice – Quality Patient Care.  Healthcare is an ever evolving field and being on the forefront of the latest imaging procedures is what the radiologists at Diversified are committed to with every interpretation.

When you partner with Diversified you can tap into the vast experience and expertise of our physicians who are:

Available – Our radiologists are accessible when time is of the essence, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Approachable – You can count on our radiologists for detailed and pertinent answers to your toughest questions – when you need them.

Invaluable – Entrust your most difficult cases with the highest-caliber radiologists in the industry.

Sub-Specialty Trained – Diversified Radiology of Colorado are a team of top-tiered radiologists dedicated to the utmost medical care by ensuring that each radiologist concentrates exclusively on their individual specialties for which they have pursued additional training.  Some of the specialties within the practice include: Neruo, Body, Cardiac, Vascular, Pediatric, Breast, Nuclear/PET and Musculoskeletal Imaging – the majority have been published in leading medical journals.  Diversified Radiology is unique from many other groups because every advanced imaging study is routed to the appropriately trained radiologist for interpretation.  So, each brain scan is read by a neuroradiologist and each child abdominal CT is read by a pediatric radiologist.  The group is insistent that they achieve and maintain a standard of care that surpasses the expectation of its patients and partner facilities.

U.S. Based Radiologists – The entire group of doctors at Diversified Radiology works and lives locally in the Denver metro area, not overseas.   All are respected members of the community who take great pride in their practices and reputations.  Because these radiologists work as a team and communicate daily with each other, they share systems and methodologies that become a check-and-balance confirmation that the work performed is of the highest caliber.  By having radiologists in-house at Diversified Radiology, referring physicians and surgeons, plus affiliate healthcare clinics and hospitals, are assured that the readings are keeping with American Medical Association (AMA) standards.

Customizable Service – Diversified Radiology provides virtual diagnostic readings for all forms of radiology imagery to an ever expanding population of medical providers.  By customizing our teleradiology services to your practice, we are able to provide services that best fit your needs.  Whether it be for imaging interpretations for all of your procedures, or interpretations for only your specialty exams, we are committed to helping you improve efficiency and reduce the operating costs of your facility.  Diversified’s radiologists prioritize and expedite FINAL interpretations of imaging studies for STAT exams and produce consistently prompt reports for routine exams.

24-Hour Coverage – Diversified’s overnight and weekend services will help improve your patient care by reducing delayed results due to reports historically only being interpreted between 9 AM – 5 PM.  This is all done while delivering the highest caliber study interpretations possible.  Further, our overnight and weekend interpretations are not hired out to third party teleradiology groups.  Rather, our overnight team of sub-specialty trained radiologists is a vital component of Diversified Radiology.

Additionally, because all of our radiologists are based in the U.S., you won’t have to rely on PRELIM reads for your overnight coverage, then require the FINAL reads be done when the dayshift arrives.  Duplication and inefficiency are a thing of the past for facilities that partner with Diversified Radiology.

In-House PACS Specialists – Diversified Radiology employs highly skilled PACS specialists to oversee our IT infrastructure.  Images are sent from your facility to Diversified Radiology on a secure, encrypted VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection.  This ensures that the entire patient data transmitted is HIPAA compliant.  Our networks are fully redundant, which enables your most urgent studies to be transmitted, even during an outage.

For more information on Diversified Radiology’s teleradiology services, please contact:

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