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24 Hour, Subspecialized Coverage

With Diversified Radiology’s enhanced after-hours service, hospitals and patients are benefiting from this one-of-a-kind model in which our local radiology practice is delivering subspecialized interpretations during the afterhours shifts.

Taken at face value, this is not “one-of-a-kind” in today’s world of radiology.  Radiology groups of all sizes are exclaiming, “Subspecialized Coverage!”  And, with the high prevalence of fellowship training among radiologists, many of today’s radiologists are “subspecialized”.

The Diversified Difference is that we take this to another level with shifts specifically dedicated to a radiologist’s subspecialty so they can focus on their area of expertise.  This is a similar model to an academic practice, where our radiologists interpret 90-100% of their daily volume within their expertise vs. 20-30% in other groups.

What distinguishes Diversified Radiology’s afterhours service is the breadth of subspecialized care, featuring Body Imaging, Neuroradiology and Pediatric Radiology coverage.  Diversified Radiology is the only group in Colorado, or the Rocky Mountain Region, that offers this level of specialization during the overnight hours.  To further this point, we are the only private practice radiology group in Colorado that exclusively interprets for a children’s hospital.

Not only are our afterhours radiologists subspecialized, but they are hired exclusively for the demanding afterhours slots.  Covering an overnight shift takes a different skill-set than working during the day.  Cases are emergent and a radiologist with the ability and experience to handle constant pressure to perform quickly and accurately is crucial.  For this reason, we hire our overnight radiologists specifically for this time slot rather than rotating our daytime doctors through the night shifts.  This ensures the right fit of doctor to slot, and enables consistency of quality reads and schedule reliability.

In a time when radiology groups are increasingly hiring-out the undesirable shifts to third-party (and many times foreign) radiology corporations, we remain steadfast in keeping patient care at the center of our practice by ensuring that 100% of our volumes are done by our radiologists.  By doing this, we are able to maintain complete operational control 24/7, deliver a seamless transition from day to night and provide a single phone number to contact us at any time.

Why is this better?  Watch below…