Diversified Radiology
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Diversified Radiology of Colorado, Inc. was founded in 1927 by Dr. Kenneth D. A. Allen. Operating as Allen and Associates, and working out of Presbyterian Hospital in Denver, Dr. Allen established the cornerstone mission of the medical group: Quality Patient Care—a commitment that remains resolutely a priority over these many decades.

Diversified Radiology is the result of merging three well known and respected radiology groups. In August of 1996, Diversified Radiology joined with Metropolitan Radiologists, and in 1997 merged with Western Radiologists. The resulting group, collectively known as Diversified Radiology of Colorado provides unprecedented specialty expertise across a large geographic area and is now one of the largest radiology practices in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Throughout its history, the practice adapted to and helped develop many of the technological advancements and practices that are commonplace in radiology today. While many things about the practice have changed over the years, including the name, physician leadership and diagnostic advancements, quality patient care remains as the focus.

Today, this mission is evident to the medical community and its patients through the delivery of true subspecialized care, around the clock. As a group of 65 subspecialty trained radiologists, Diversified Radiology continues to provide state-of-the-art diagnostic and interventional radiology services to an ever-expanding patient base.