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What is the Next Generation of Teleradiology Services?


Radiologist Access

When you partner with Diversified Radiology you can tap into the vast experience and expertise of our radiologists who are:

  • Available – Our radiologists are accessible when time is of the essence, 24-hours a day, seven days a week via RadCall, our single-number call center.
  • Approachable – You can count on our radiologists for detailed and pertinent answers to your toughest questions – when you need them.
  • Invaluable – You can entrust your most difficult cases with the highest-caliber radiologists in the industry.

With our mobile app, myRad, access to our radiologists is just a button away. Further, you can access our PACS or find imaging recommendations quickly and easily.


Sub-specialty Focus

Our goal is to deliver a specialized read on every case, not just once in a while. To accomplish this, we have developed a unique model of shifts that ensures our radiologists focus on their area of expertise. Therefore, nearly 100% of our advanced imaging volumes are read by a radiologist with a fellowship in that sub-specialty. This translates to:

  • More accurate results
  • Faster turnarounds
  • Better patient care

The option of providing remote mammography screenings is also available. Learn more about telemammography here.


24-Hour Coverage

Our enhanced model delivers the most comprehensive sub-specialized afterhours care available. What that means:

  • True sub-specialized final interpretations in:
    • Pediatric Radiology and Neuroradiology – all night, every night
  • Interpretations are never outsourced
    • We have a dedicated core of afterhours only radiologists
  • Stroke Coverage – Close coordination with technologists results in the most rapid and appropriate treatment
  • Rapid turn-around-times
    • Median afterhours turn-around is <20 minutes


Customizable Service

Whether you need imaging interpretations for all of your procedures or interpretations for only your sub-specialty or afterhours exams, we are committed to helping you improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

For optimal patient care, we deliver Final reports 24/7. Final reports provide physicians with a complete picture for the most appropriate treatment, the first time. This reduces call-backs and readmissions and improves physician and patient satisfaction. If you prefer to receive preliminary reports, we can accommodate. Because it is so important to get a full picture of the patients’ health, our preliminary reports will provide a complete assessment of the exam, including incidental findings for when immediate care is needed.



Our comprehensive QA process does not allow our radiologists to “pre-screen” the cases they review, which helps ensure a broad, randomized assessment of report accuracy by radiologist and across the group as a whole. Our report accuracy consistently outperforms national averages. Learn more about our quality initiatives here.


In-house PACS and IT Specialists

Diversified employs highly-skilled PACS and IT specialists to oversee our robust infrastructure. Images are received and sent via a secure, encrypted VPN connection. This ensures that the entire patient data transmitted is HIPAA compliant. Our networks and systems utilize High Availability (HA) technologies and redundancy to maximize uptime for your high priority studies, even during an outage.

We have established connectivity with over 100 hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics across the country and have experience integrating with numerous PACS, RIS and EMR systems. This has given our IT team a level of expertise equaled only by the largest teleradiology companies.