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myRad for Diversified Radiology is a mobile application that helps doctors, PAs, NPs and other healthcare workers provide better care for their patients by facilitating communication with Diversified Radiology’s subspecialized radiologists, providing guidelines for follow up, screening, and contrast, as well as many imaging recommendations.

myRad makes it easy to get in touch with one of Diversified Radiology’s subspecialized radiologists 24 hr a day, 7 days a week.  You can connect with one of the Diversified radiologists based on the hospital they are covering or based on specialty.  One touch calling will direct you to the correct number no matter what the time!

myRad for Diversified Radiology also provides imaging recommendations including guidelines for CT and MR contrast, follow up and screening recommendations for common incidental findings, as well as imaging recommendations for pediatric and pregnant patients.




 Download the myRad brochure to learn more.

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