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Telemammography services offered by Diversified Radiology are of the highest caliber in the industry.

Our Fellowship Trained Radiologists are breast imaging leaders, both nationally and in their local communities, where each runs a state-of-the-art, highly regarded breast center.

Meet our team of telemammography experts:


What is Telemammography?

Telemammography is the secure transfer of mammographic images from one locality to another. This is a vital component in providing comprehensive women’s health care to regions where there aren’t enough trained and qualified radiologists to interpret these exams.

Who Uses Telemammography?

Any hospital, imaging facility, or radiology group that has the need for quality, Fellowship Trained experts in breast imaging, but not enough demand to justify a full-time on-site radiologist can benefit from the proven model of Diversified Radiology’s Telemammography services.

Why Choose Diversified Radiology?


Diversified Radiology has been a leader for over 90 years. Our adoption of technological advancements over this timeframe has changed how we practice, but our focus remains the same; to deliver the utmost patient care.

We will support the requirements of your facility by delivering optimal Turn-Around-Time, precise interpretations and consultative support. At your request, we will work with your administration to produce customized metric reports which will address specific areas for which it wishes to monitor.  Within reason, we will provide whatever data that your administration feels will benefit the facility.


Our extensive teleradiology infrastructure, along with the support staff that operates it, is immediately accessible in any event. Further accentuating our ease of accessibility is a single phone number for contacting our physicians. Searching through multiple lists and schedules to try to contact a specific doctor is cumbersome and time-consuming. When you have a question about a case and need us quickly, we are there.

Our IT infrastructure is a high speed, redundant network of servers and workstations designed to provide high availability to meet the operational needs of our hospital and medical partners.

Our Doctors

Because our focus is on patient care and creating lasting relationships with our hospital partners, we feel it is vital to have physicians that embody this philosophy. To that end, our radiologists are good listeners, team players, highly efficient and have proven to be strong leaders within the hospital setting.

Please visit our Breast Imaging sister site at for more information about our telemammographers and their full spectrum of capabilities.

Or, to speak with one of our telemammography radiologists, please call (303) 269-4164.


Please note: While Diversified Radiology provides excellent Screening Telemammography services, we do not provide Diagnostic Telemammography services.