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Distributed Radiology Assistants – Open Positions

Distributed Radiology Assistants

2 Open Positions

Position Overview

This is a non-patient facing customer service role, assisting the company’s Radiologists and other Radiologists, by managing the radiology imaging workflow for emergent studies.  This position answers the phone, retrieves, and sends radiology images, locates and acquires prior electronic exams, faxes reports, or other paperwork as needed, and follows up on any unread studies.

The ultimate responsibility of this position is to assist the Radiologists with providing good patient care by managing the workflow to ensure Radiologist are able to deliver timely reports to the referring facilities.

Starting Salary is $18.25 per hour.  Must be currently living in Colorado, within 60 minutes or less of our Lakewood office.

Applicants must be flexible:  Remote work, as well as working from the corporate office will be required.  Remote work may be revoked at any time at the sole discretion of the company or company leadership.

To work remotely, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Must have appropriate dependent care for any children that are in the home during work hours.
  • Must remain in good standing and demonstrate the ability to work independently.
  • Must have a designated workspace in the home that provides you with the following:
    • A professional and productive work environment, free from hazards
    • A quiet, private, work environment free from as many distractions and interruptions as possible.
    • The work area must be protected from unauthorized or accidental access by other family members, including use, modification, destruction, or disclosure. Employees of the company will be held accountable for securing information by taking reasonable safeguards in their home to ensure unauthorized access to any company, or patient information as it relates to HIPAA.
    • The company reserves the right to approve the site chosen as the employee’s remote workspace.
  • You must reside in the state of Colorado, within 60 minutes or less from the corporate office located in the Denver West Business Complex in Lakewood.
  • You must be available to go to the office, if required to:
    • Attend a team or company meeting.
    • Attend training.
    • Participate in critical operations or events as deemed necessary by leadership.

Position Schedule Requirements:

Opening #1:  36 hr. weeks/12 hr. days:  Saturday, Sunday, & Wednesdays – 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.

Opening #2:  40 hr. week/8 hr. days:  Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (This opening requires prior Mammo tech experience)


To Apply:

When applying, please send a detailed resume, as well as a cover letter indicating which opening you are applying for:  #1, #2, or both to



  • High School diploma or GED required.
  • Previous customer service principles and practices required.
  • Previous PACs experience preferred.


  • Multi-system monitoring in conjunction with image transfer, requisitions and report turnaround between the hospitals and DRC.
  • Quality control and performance monitoring.
  • Study monitoring and patient information management.
  • Liaison with DRC, and facilities with whom DRC has a working relationship.
  • Operational trouble-shooting and problem solving.
  • If working After Hours, may act as a liaison with DRC Security Officer to monitor and enforce data security policies.
  • Coordinate data flow with DRC Radiologists.
  • Provide proactive technical administration, planning, coordination, documentation and management reporting for the system.
  • Resolve service problems by clarifying the customer’s complaint; determining the cause of the problem; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem; expediting correction or adjustment; following up to ensure resolution.


  • Ability to analyze multiple levels of information required to ensure quality business decisions, as well as draw conclusions and formulate actionable recommendations.
  • Effective and well-developed planning, analytical, communications, technical, and decision-making skills.
  • Contributes to the achievement of excellence in healthcare through the quality and caring values of the philosophy of the company.
  • Demonstrates courteous behavior through polite and respectful communication with all co-workers, patients, physicians, and customers.
  • Recognizes when others are in need of assistance and consistently offers help when own workload permits.
  • Promotes a professional image of the department and company.
  • Contributes to the time management of the department by being punctual to work and timely completion of assignments.
  • Provides proper notification of absences or tardiness.
  • Ability to work on-call shifts.
  • Maximizes job potential by attending all mandatory education and in-service programs.
  • Actively participates in departmental meetings to ensure that goals and objectives are achieved.
  • Keeps supervisor advised of any concerns, situations or changes that occur within the scope of the job.
  • Maintains the confidentiality of patient records and information to assure that patient rights under HIPAA are protected at all times.