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Written Letter from Misty Molis

“I went to see Dr. Horner after suffering for years with multiple (and many large) uterine fibroids.  I had reached a point where I was having intense and worrisome, not to mention painful, episodes of breakthrough bleeding…and the resulting anemia.  Some of my fibroids were so large I could feel them pressing against my waistband all day as I sat in my office chair.  I knew something had to be done, but I wanted to avoid a hysterectomy if possible.

“My OBGYN recommended Dr. Horner, and after a simple phone conversation with him I knew I was on the right track: his knowledge, understanding, and excitement about a Uterine Fibroid Embolization made me feel completely at ease.  I decided to proceed with the UFE and found the cramping from the procedure to be nothing compared to what I was going through on a regular basis.  Now, seven months later, my fibroids no longer feel like tennis balls in my stomach, and I don’t worry about them at all.  My OBGYN was also pleased with the shrinkage.

“Dr. Horner and his staff, as well as the treatment I received at the hospital, were all wonderful and caring.  Dr. Horner has reached out directly, and has always been available for any questions and follow-up.  I would definitely recommend him and his team!”


Voice Message

“Hi, my name is [ ], and I’m calling as a past patient of Dr. Horner’s. [ ] I’m calling to just say thank you. So, I have a story I want to tell him about my journey, and I want to thank him because it began with him. [ ]

“So, on [ ] he did a biopsy of my [ ], I had three nodules on my [ ]. And one of them qualified for biopsy and he made the decision to biopsy the second one and I later learned when I went for a surgery consult [ ] and that surgeon over there said, ‘You know, only one of yours qualified for a biopsy, and that was benign. The fact that your radiologist made the decision to biopsy the second sized one (and that’s the one that had the [ ] cancer cells) that’s amazing. Because you would’ve never known you have this if he hadn’t have made that call that day.’

“And I wanted to just let him know – thank you for that. And then when I got in for surgery, I had to have half that [ ] taken out.” My surgeon “discovered I had an undiagnosed condition that couldn’t be seen on the ultrasound of an enlarged [ ] eight times its” normal “size. And she was giddy because the symptoms of that are extreme fatigue, muscle weakness and joint pain – and all of these things I’ve dealt with for at least the last five years and so I would have never known about that if he hadn’t have made that choice that day to take cells out of my second nodule. So, I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Dr. Horner, for your wisdom, and you’ve made a big difference in my life and I appreciate you.”

[ ] = redacted to conceal Protected Health Information