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Strategic Radiology


Diversified Radiology of Colorado is proud to be a founding member of Strategic Radiology (SR), a consortium of 26 radiology groups dispersed throughout the country.  Membership in this select group affords Diversified Radiology tremendous benefits that other local groups simply can’t offer their partner hospitals, such as:

  • A National Footprint – SR is comprised of 26 member groups dispersed throughout the country with the common goal of achieving higher quality patient care and more cost efficient delivery of medical imaging services.  With more than 1600 radiologists as part of SR, Diversified Radiology has the backing of some of the brightest radiologists in the nation.
  • “Pure” QA via Online Networking Forums – As a quality and educational initiative, SR physicians routinely collaborate in a robust exchange of ideas amongst participants from across the country.
  • Patient Safety Organization – SR has recently launched a national PSO aimed at leveraging the collective experience found within SR membership to create a safety organization that can serve as a national model.  From their Press Release, SR stated that “This organized and collaborative effort will serve to facilitate the exchange and evaluation of clinical and quality data to help improve patient care in the regional markets served by SR members and beyond.”  Quality improvements will be realized through the identification and reduction of risks and hazards associated with patient care.  Being part of a national network of experts focused on the decline of adverse patient events, Diversified Radiology is in a unique position within the region.  While PSOs are not entirely new, this is the first one to be established by radiologists.
  • We are able to leverage our membership status with SR to assist our hospital partners with the development of best practices throughout their radiology departments.  Our unguarded relationships with other member groups of SR allow us to draw from their experiences.  This gives us valuable insight as to what to do in almost any situation; how to avoid disastrous results, and more importantly, how to succeed in difficult circumstances.

With Strategic Radiology’s goal of higher quality and more cost-efficient delivery of medical imaging, Diversified Radiology and other member groups are well positioned for success, even through the volatile business climates we are facing.

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