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3 radiologists with Diversified Radiology of Colorado are named to 5280’s Top Docs List

DENVER, CO—One of the most sought after issues of Denver’s 5280 Magazine is the annual Top Doctors issue released each October for the past 16 years. Getting a spot in Top Docs is considered a benchmark in a physician’s career—it’s a reader favorite, sets records in newssand sales and is a coffee table staple in every medical practice reception area all year round. This icon of Denver lingers for months in these waiting rooms (plus plenty of hair salons and spas too) and has been known to launch a doctor’s prominence among the profession and the community of patients they treat.

This year’s List includes three of Diversified Radiology of Colorado’s radiologists—a record breaking number.

Craig M. Kornbluth, M.D., was named to the Diagnostic Radiology List. He is a graduate of FUHS/The Chicago Medical School, Chicago, IL and completed his residency in Diagnostic Radiology, at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, N.Y.He completed his fellowship in Body Imaging at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD. His specialty at Diversified Radiology is Body Imaging.

Sean O. Bryant, M.D., was named to the Neuroradiology list. He graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine, in Gainesville, FL. He completed his residency at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Denver, CO and his fellowship at University of California, San Francisco, CA. His specialty at Diversified Radiology is Neuroradiology which includes Fetal MRI, 3D Spectroscopy, Pediatric Neuroimaging, and Head and Neck Imaging.

J. Gerard Horgan, M.D., was named to the Pediatric Radiology list. He graduated from The National University of Ireland (Cork) and did his residency at Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, England; University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales; and, Yale University, New Haven, CT. He completed his Fellowship at Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol, England, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales and Yale University, New Haven, CT. In addition he has a C.A.Q. in Pediatric Radiology. While at work, Dr. Horgan spends his time soley focused on the imaging of children.

Headquartered in the Golden Triangle in Colorado’s capital city, Denver, Diversified Radiology’s 53 sub-specialty radiologists read the radiographs for patients across the Front Range of Colorado and beyond. Specialists on staff include radiologists specializing in breast and body imaging, interventional radiography, musculoskeletal imaging, neuroradiology, nuclear medicine/PET imaging and pediatric radiology. Here, radiologists read and interpret radiographs remotely for clinics, emergency rooms and hospital’s across Colorado’s Front Range and the Rocky Mountains.

“Our experts, called sub-specialists, are so highly trained in the intricacies of their particular body area that they are able to diagnose radiographs that another physician without that same depth of training might miss,” says Kim Travis, Business Development Manager at Diversified Radiology of Colorado. “Our service elevates the medical care that physicians and surgeons are able to provide and at the same time keeps healthcare affordable because each individual hospital or medical provider doesn’t need to replicate the same services.”

In the United States, radiology residents are required to spend at least four months learning a specialty to be eligible for radiology board certification. At Diversified Radiology, radiologists spend 18-24 months in a particular fellowship which follows their diagnostic radiology residency.

For information, contact Diversified Radiology of Colorado P.C., 938 Bannock Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80204, at 303-914-8800.