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7 Elements to Better Teleradiology

Don’t Settle for “Good Enough”

Hospitals have been facing increased pressure to cut costs while improving patient value at the same time. An uphill battle if there ever was one, especially for rural facilities. It’s no wonder that teleradiology has become an essential component of rural hospitals throughout the country. It provides access to experts in every subspecialty; allows patients to receive care in their own communities; and increases patient satisfaction scores – all while keeping costs down.

What if “good enough” could be a whole lot better?

BUT… not all teleradiology providers are created equal. If you think the service from your current provider is “good enough”, ask yourself this important question: What if “good enough” could be a whole lot better? Here’s a list of what is better and available with Diversified Radiology:

  1. Subspecialized attention when it is needed most: 100% of advanced imaging volumes are read by a physician with a subspecialized focus in that area of expertise, functioning on a 24/7 basis, not simply during daytime hours.
  2. Dedicated night team: Radiologists who are hired specifically for the demanding overnight shifts and promote relationships with referring physicians who work similar hours. Daytime radiologists do not simply rotate through the afterhours slots.
  3. Rapid reports for rapid action: STAT reports are submitted within 30 minutes of receiving the images. This commitment ensures proper patient treatment, setting them on the correct continuum of care as quickly as possible.
  4. Comprehensive final reports—including after hours: All radiology reports are comprehensive final reports. This ensures that daytime radiologists are not greeted with a backlog of preliminary reports to finalize each morning, and also mitigates the risk of patient callbacks as a result of additional or incidental findings.
  5. Easy communication: A 24/7 single point of contact phone system, streamlining the conversation between the patient care provider and the radiologist.
  6. 24/7 support: A team of highly trained staff for workflow and IT support that is standing by around the clock.
  7. Top-quality interpretations: Highly accurate, complete and actionable reports that are easy to follow.

Better is possible with Diversified Radiology. But don’t just take our word for it. The real proof of our exceptional teleradiology service lies in the words of our partners:

“The [teleradiology] service from Diversified Radiology has been exceptional to say the least . . . We have been able to provide 24 hour a day quality care, just as if we had a radiologist directly on site . . . Without a doubt, it has helped shore up our financial model and bottom line . . . because of our partnership.”

— Mark Francis, CEO, Family Health West Hospital; Fruita, CO.

“[Our partnership with Diversified Radiology] has led to better patient care and faster treatment. [Diversified’s radiologists are] easy to contact and talk to, and [report accuracy and efficacy have been] exceptional for our physicians. Even though we are small, you make us feel important.”

— Char Korrell, CEO, Kiowa County Hospital District; Eads, CO

As we continue to develop strategic partnerships and invest in our network infrastructure, the fundamental principles of patient care excellence remain our primary driving force. We believe “good enough” can be a whole lot better and we believe our patients deserve it.

What do you believe?


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