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Knee: MCL Stener-Type Lesion

Clinical: 31 year old male status post twisting injury.

1. Acute full-thickness ACL tear.
2. Acute full-thickness tear/avulsion of the distal MCL with 12 mm of proximal retraction. The retracted ligament stump is located superficial/proximal to the pes anserinus tendons; a type of MCL injury that may require surgical intervention (MCL Stener-type lesion).
3. Moderate sprain of the fibular collateral ligament and severe sprain with partial tearing of the posterolateral capsule. There is also a tear of the popliteofibular ligament and a strain (without tear) of the popliteus.
4. Acute bone bruise along the posterior aspects of the lateral tibial plateau with adjacent incomplete chondral delamination.

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