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Little League Elbow

15 y/o male pitcher with chronic elbow painf for 1 year.  Acutely worsened 2 weeks prior while pitching during a baseball game.

Diagnosis:  MRI findings of chronic/repetitive valgus stress on the elbow.  Including apophysitis of the medial epicondyle manifested by stress-related bony edema.  There is no fracture or separation of the physis.  There is no fluid signal in the physis.  There is no scarring of the adjacent common flexor tendon origin without tendon earing or strippin.  There are mild muscular strains of the pronator teres muscle and flexor digitorum superficialis muscle.  There is mild to moderate degeneration and/or scarring of the proximal ulnar collateral ligament at the humeral origin without tear or avulsion.