Diversified Radiology
Speak to a Radiologist Anytime:

How can I reach a radiologist for a consult?

Our radiologists are always open for consultations.  They recognize that an accurate diagnosis can sometimes only come as the result of a constructive dialogue.  They also know that their specialized training makes them experts, and that questions will inevitably arise based on their knowledge and experience.  Developing close relationships with our clinicians is one of the most fulfilling parts of the day.  This facilitates reviewing more complex patients and leads to better patient care.  We recommend that any time a referring or ED physician has a question or issue, to please call us.  Or, they are welcome to stop by for a face-to-face conversation about their case.  Images can be reviewed, as well as any reports that may be in question. 

In any situation, whether a subspecialist and/or overnight physician is needed, our radiologists will take the time to ensure that all questions are answered and all concerns are addressed.  Further accentuating our ease of accessibility is a single phone number for contacting our physicians.  Searching through multiple lists and schedules to try to contact a specific doctor is cumbersome and time-consuming.  When your ED has a question about a case and needs us quickly, we are there.