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Denver Radiology Group Tapped to Provide Leadville Patients Remote X-Ray Readings

LEADVILLE, CO—Considering that Leadville, Colorado was very nearly named the state capital of Colorado over Denver in the 1800s, it just makes sense that the former gold and silver mining Mecca would have some of the same access to medical services as residents of Denver have living on the front range.

But until six weeks ago, that wasn’t the case.

In October, St. Vincent General Hospital District, serving Lake and Chafee counties, partnered with Diversified Radiology of Colorado ( to provide Leadville-area hospital patients and their physicians with remote readings of imaging studies of every type. Diversified Radiology, located in Denver, CO, provides teleRadiology services—remote sub-specialty radiology readings by expert radiologists to health care provider partners like St. Vincent.

St. Vincent General Hospital District recently upgraded its entire radiology department through a matching grant in cooperation of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs. Steven Matthes, CEO of St. Vincent, described the expanded services now available including new 16-slice CT scanning technology and computed radiology. “Given the new technology and expanded services we’re now able to provide, we sought out a radiology group that could best serve the people of Lake and Chaffee counties. We are very excited about our decision to affiliate with Diversified Radiology of Colorado.”

Without access to remote radiography-reading services by Diversified Radiology, physicians and surgeons treating the nearly 2,800 residents of Leadville and the additional 5,000 inhabitants across both counties had to rely on early-generation technology and general radiology readings. Now, Diversified Radiology’s sub-specialist radiologists are available to consult with and report back to the attending surgeon, emergency room or referring physician. Diversified Radiology is able to respond with full reports within minutes rather than days. The result is that patients get improved health care.

Diversified Radiology employs dozens of specialty radiologists who are highly respected in the medical field. By networking specific images to the appropriate subspecialist radiologist, Diversified Radiology is able to better diagnose a variety of medical conditions and help physicians diagnose and treat disease more accurately and promptly, enhancing the patient’s outcome and experience.

Diversified Radiology has more than 20 hospital and medical clinic affiliates.

For information, contact Diversified Radiology of Colorado P.C., 938 Bannock Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80204, at 303-914-8800.