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Diversified Radiology Deploys New High Tech Radiograph Reading System to Ramp Up Patient Care

Denver-based Radiology Group launches InteleOne across its network of provider partners

Denver, Colorado—Diversified Radiology of Colorado ( this month launched a new intelligent backbone to its remote radiology reading capabilities that instantly directs incoming radiology images to the appropriate subspecialist radiologist..  This will expedite the radiologist’s reading and reporting back to the attending physician and will result in more accurate and timely interpretations of imaging studies.

Called InteleOne, this new technology revolutionizes remote radiography reading.   No matter where the images originate and no matter what format they are in, they are filtered through InteleOne and sent via in a single format to the appropriate radiologist.  This allows for much more efficient and accurate interpretations by the radiologist and better service for the patient and his or her physician.

“The implementation of the InteleOne technology at Diversified Radiology provides a long- awaited advance in radiology interpretation. Integrating InteleOne into our teleRadiology network will allow Diversified Radiology to deliver more comprehensive interpretations. It will expand our subspecialty approach to imaging, and will facilitate efficient and rapid turn-around of reports.” says Stephen George, MD, President of Diversified Radiology of Colorado.

InteleOne’s adaptability and flexibility supports  Diversified Radiology’s firm commitment to superior customer service by helping attending physicians in emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals receive the most accurate and timely interpretations possible. Until InteleOne’s release, the challenge for radiology groups was receiving and interpreting images on various platforms.

“With the implementation of InteleOne, Diversified Radiology’s board certified subspecialist radiologists can provide unprecedented accuracy and timeliness—factors that figure into building  patient and provider satisfaction which is the goal of Diversified” says Lawrence Emmons, MD, PhD, Radiologist with Diversified Radiology.

Diversified Radiology provides image interpretation services to more than 20 emergency rooms, clinics and hospitals and is the first user of InteleOne. InteleOne is designed by Intelerad, a world leader in imaging technology.

For information, contact Kim Travis, Business Development Manager at Diversified Radiology of Colorado P.C. 938 Bannock Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80204 by calling 303-618-2834 or email her at .