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Are there safety concerns of an MRI exam?

Because of the complexity of an MRI machine and the examimation process, many safety considerations need to be made before the beginning of your test. This video by ASNR covers what you should know in preparation for your MRI exam.

Is this a pay-per-click type of service?

No.  We view this as a partnership and strive to provide the utmost patient care by taking the proper amount of time to produce the most accurate report possible.  

What is different about your subspecialty services than other telerad service providers?

Our fellowship trained radiologists are leaders in their respective fields, which include:  Neuroradiology, PET/Nuclear Medicine, Pediatric Radiology, Women’s Imaging, MSK, Body Imaging and Interventional Radiology.  The provision of sub-specialty coverage is vital to our goal of providing the utmost patient care.  To that end, every study that we receive is specifically routed to the appropriate […] Read More >

How can I reach a radiologist for a consult?

Our radiologists are always open for consultations.  They recognize that an accurate diagnosis can sometimes only come as the result of a constructive dialogue.  They also know that their specialized training makes them experts, and that questions will inevitably arise based on their knowledge and experience.  Developing close relationships with our clinicians is one of […] Read More >

Do you have dedicated after-hours radiologists?

Our after-hours radiologists are recruited and hired strictly for the after-hours time slot. This provides the highest satisfaction among all shifts and delivers optimal Turn-Around-Time, precise interpretations and consultative support around the clock.  Our extensive teleradiology infrastructure, along with the support staff that operates it, is immediately accessible for any event during the after-hours shift.  […] Read More >

CT scans on children: What are the effects?

A June, 2012 press release by the American Board of Radiology (ABR) and the American Board of Radiology Foundation (ABRF) addresses the radiation dose of a pediatric CT scan.  The release further explores the risks of these radiation doses versus the benefits gained by undergoing such exams.  A study by the American College of Radiology, […] Read More >

How safe are radiology exams?

We understand that you may have concerns about your safety and/or the safety of your loved ones when undergoing a diagnostic imaging exam.  We have provided a link to the Patient Safety – Benefits & Risks page, where you can get answers to several specific questions.  

How often should I go in for my mammography screenings?

There are differing opinions regarding the answer to this question.  However, the American Cancer Society, the American College of Radiology, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Society of Breast Imaging and the National Cancer Institute all recommend at least biennial (every two years) mammography beginning […] Read More >