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How long untill handheld devices are used for patient education?

Recently at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine meeting (SIIM) research was presented on using handheld devices for patient education and image viewing. There are workflow issues that still need to be investigated, but the overall message is that mobile device technology is near a point that it can be used by physicians to educate patients on their health.

Because more than half of the population have been identified as visual learners, having this technology is critical to enhancing patient care. This could help bridge the communication gap that is often present between physicians and patients.

The Radiologists at Diversified are used to keeping up with the ever changing technology in the medical industry. We keep security, image quality and transmission time on the forefront as we make technological advancements to become more efficient for our physician and hospital partners.

Exciting opportunities lie ahead in today's medical field. Who knows, perhaps reading a patients imaging study and communicating to a referring physician on an iPhone won't be to far off in the future.