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Diversified Radiology, headquartered in Denver, CO, leads the globe with teleradiology advancements

Denver, CO—Advancements in radiological medical science and in teleradiology in particular are rewriting health care standards, and Denver-based Diversified Radiology of Colorado, PC, is a recognized leader in the field.

With teleradiology services, the radiological specialists at Diversified Radiology can receive, read and interpret x-rays, MRI, ultrasound and CT scans from virtually anywhere in the world and return expert, advanced and essential medical analysis back to even remote health care providers in unprecedented time.

New discoveries mean improved diagnosis and efficiencies that translate into longer, healthier lifestyles, and Diversified Radiology has established its operations as the undisputed healthcare authority on the subject of teleradiology in the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond. Employing radiologists with  years of advanced specialization beyond their basic medical training,  Diversified has assembled a world-class team of medical talent who handle the radiological diagnoses from the basic to the most advanced in every sub-specialty in the field.

Like all aspects of medicine, radiology techniques and equipment are improving nearly daily. Take for example:

Forbes magazine reported in June on ultrasound-guided treatment to eliminate pain and restore mobility in shoulder rotator cuffs. This new, minimally invasive treatment takes only 20 minutes as the radiologist uses saline injections to break down the calcium surplus, relieving calcific tendinitis.

Evolving technology is also reducing the need for breast biopsies to confirm cancer. Science Daily reports that with a new type of MRI, “radiologists can visually identify a cancerous lesion based on characteristics about its shape.” The x-rays are three-dimensional, high resolution readings that provide more information to the reading radiologist. The result is for more accurate diagnoses than ever before.

Perhaps the greatest development of all in radiology is teleradiology—the technology that transmits radiological patient images including x-rays, MRIs, ultrasound and CT scans to a specialist at a remote location for interpretation. With this ability, hospitals can reach to any type of specialist quickly and easily for an interpretation or second opinion.

Diversified Radiology of Colorado has assembled one of the most respected teams of teleradiology imaging specialists in the world.  The areas of technical specialty include neuro, body, cardiac, vascular, pediatric, breast, nuclear/PET and musculoskeletal imaging. Diversified Radiology’s specialists  read the radiograph within one hour and respond with a typed, faxed reports within 90 minutes for routine exams. This sensitive personal patient information is transmitted at the highest caliber of security thorough the Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Because Diversified Radiology directs images to specific and appropriate subspecialist radiologists 100% of the time, the radiologists are able to better diagnose a variety of medical conditions quicker than X-rays and scans read by generalist radiologists. This heightened level of radiographic readings helps physicians diagnose and treat patient disease and injuries more accurately and promptly, enhancing the patient’s outcome and experience.

These remote reading capabilities allow Diversified Radiology to serve medical facilities and physicians any place in the world. The beneficiary is the patient who receives improved care and treatment.

“Teleradiology is a very cost-effective way to get professional specialized results to our referring medical providers quickly. Our spohisitacted network  allows us to provide large University caliber medical expertise to the smallest medical facilities,” says Kim Travis, Business Development Manager of Diversified Radiology.

Communities that once had limited access to medical expertise can now tap into services such as advanced neuro-imaging because of the teleradiology services at Diversified Radiology.  The radiologists at Diversified Radiology currently service  more than 20 hospitals and medical clinics. The trying economy means that a number of hospital systems are now weighing the financial advantage of relying on Diversified’s sub-specialists to read the X-rays versus having their own highly-paid expert on staff.

The reach of teleradiology is only expected to grow as the nation’s focus turns to healthcare in the coming months.

For information, contact Diversified Radiology of Colorado P.C., 938 Bannock Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO 80204, at 303-914-8800