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Intelerad Delivers Universal Workflow Solution to Diversified Radiololgy of Colorado, P.C.

Montreal, Quebec, July 10, 2009 — Intelerad Medical Systems, an industry-leading PACS solution vendor, announced the installation of its InteleOne solution at Diversified Radiology of Colorado (DRC). InteleOne consolidates image and patient data from multiple PACS and RIS systems into a streamlined, single workflow solution.   Prior to InteleOne™, radiologists at DRC read from over a […] Read More >

Diversified Radiology of Denver, CO adds 9 new radiologists to its roster of specialists

Denver, CO—Nine new specialists—experts in various areas of human radiology—joined Diversified Radiology of Denver, Colorado this summer. The addition of these radiologists to the existing roster of skilled medical talent positions Diversified Radiology as one of the leading radiographic resources for the country using remote reading of radiographs and X-rays. Headquartered in the Golden Triangle […] Read More >


Diversified Radiology, headquartered in Denver, CO, leads the globe with teleradiology advancements Denver, CO—Advancements in radiological medical science and in teleradiology in particular are rewriting health care standards, and Denver-based Diversified Radiology of Colorado, PC, is a recognized leader in the field. With teleradiology services, the radiological specialists at Diversified Radiology can receive, read and […] Read More >

What is the ACR and why do I care?

The ACR or American College of Radiology consists of over 32,000 members.  This is made up by radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, interventional radiologists and nuclear medicine physicians. The purpose of the ACR is to make imaging safe and accessible to patients. The mission of the ACR is to continually advance the science of radiology; […] Read More >

How long untill handheld devices are used for patient education?

Recently at the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine meeting (SIIM) research was presented on using handheld devices for patient education and image viewing. There are workflow issues that still need to be investigated, but the overall message is that mobile device technology is near a point that it can be used by physicians to […] Read More >

The facts of life: The bees and the specialists

When it comes to one's health, most patients entrust the management of their care to a highly trained medical doctor. On occasion, particularly when the patient's needs demand it, that doctor is a specialist. Trained in all the same basics as generalist physicians, the specialist has invested additional years into specifically studying particular body parts […] Read More >

Time for a change, The NY Times reports

The New York Times reported on the new model of healthcare that UnitedHealth Group is testing in a handful of states including Colorado. This plan gives patients what they call a medical “home” that oversees their care even when the patient is seen by specialists or requires hospitalization. The medical home model is intended to […] Read More >

Wenzel named Vail’s doctor of the year

Dr. Wayne Wenzel is a radiologist and board of directors member at Vail Valley Medical Center VAIL, Colorado — Dr. Wayne Wenzel, a radiologist and board of directors member, has been named the Vail Valley Medical Center’s physician of the year for 2008. “Dr. Wenzel is perhaps one of the most pleasant and courteous people […] Read More >

Diversified Radiology Deploys New High Tech Radiograph Reading System to Ramp Up Patient Care

Denver-based Radiology Group launches InteleOne across its network of provider partners Denver, Colorado—Diversified Radiology of Colorado ( this month launched a new intelligent backbone to its remote radiology reading capabilities that instantly directs incoming radiology images to the appropriate subspecialist radiologist..  This will expedite the radiologist’s reading and reporting back to the attending physician and […] Read More >